88 Queen st.

is a clothing company which revamps and designs original exclusive clothing. Anti-conformist, 88 Queen st. encourages the young women of today be original and to speak their minds in a positive, healthy and fashionable manner. City life is swallowing society and its basic true values. Respect for humanity, the environment and animals is what 88 Queen st. conveys threw urban and edgy clothing. A peaceful balance between city life and nature. The way to be. After all we are nature, lets not forget.

Marie Genevieve Pilon, Designer

Hippy farm girl Gen having traveled and lived in San Francisco, Amsterdam and Montreal was long over due for a trek back to the country, loving the edginess of it all but missing her roots. Realizing city people are all sometimes missing the point. Having been a fashion designer in Montreal for 5 years and seen the emptiness of it all she tried flower and jewelry designing but the urge to design clothing never left her. Gen decided to make clothing with depth, with a meaning. Hoping to make a difference in a few people's lives.
88 Queen st. was born in the Eastern townships somewhere where the birds still chirp. The name is the address of the old Victorian house it is created in, a house with a lot of history and that has for years been an inspiration for the designer, Gen.
The collection is sold everywhere in Canada. Since the clothing is very crafty, hand dyed, some recycled and in limited editions, Gen and Katia try to find boutiques who respect and reflect this type of product. The plan is to sell 88 Queen st. all over north America to inspire people be original and love nature...